Top Unique Selling Propositions For Designers

Published: 14th April 2010
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At the moment I was bored and thought I would share with you some unique selling propositions. Just in case you have no idea what that it, (because I don't expect you to :P) basically they are benefits or advantages your freelance or company has that your competitors don't have. This is the factor that truly boosts your sales and attracts loyal clients. This essential factor will significantly increase sales and recognition of your company and will quickly create competition for your competitors. The list below will contain examples of different types of unique selling propositions you could use to differentiate yourself from other designers or companies.

1. High Quality Projects

2. Affordable Prices

3. Quick Turnaround

4. Will reply to contact within 10 minutes (EX. If you have a data plan on your wireless phone, then you can get notified instantly when you receive an email)

5. Offering bundle packages and deals

6. Providing discount coupons

7. Offer very good customer service is key and is the most important selling proposition to bring in new client by word of mouth. You would be surprised to see how many client you could receive through word of mouth

8. Providing other services related to your main service (EX. Offering graphic design + web design and developing)

9. Also offering freebies with the purchase of your service can encourage them to spend

10. Offer a 7-day retouch-up program so that if your client wants you to make a few changes to their products after the purchase was completed then do it for them

11. Let clients know that their project will be reviewed by a community of designers before it is finished because that can very well be your selling proposition

Creating Your Own Selling Proposition

First, you need to answer these four questions:

1. What benefit is unique to what you offer?

2. Do your competitors have it?

3. Who is the target market that is most interested in this benefit?

4. What USP is already used by major competitors for this target market?

By creating a USP, you are offering something to your target market that will stay in their minds

and remind them about what makes you different from the competition. Here are some points to

consider for each of the three questions above.

1. A Unique Benefit: A benefit is a solution to a problem. If you can't find a completely unique benefit, consider one that your competitors don't promote, or check out other markets USP's and craft it to fit your market (this is a great way to create a USP for your freelance or company).

2. Your Target Market: This describes who you want to buy your product. For example, if you're running a design firm your mostly likely your targeting big and small businesses and entrepreneurs. If you take your designing into a smaller niche (small segment of the market) then your target market will be more detailed which is desired for more efficient marketing. An example of a design niche is an eBook cover designer obviously targeting eBook writers and internet publishers.

3. Competitors: A key strategy is to be first with your USP (and hopefully the best). When creating the USP, think about your strengths and your competitors' weaknesses. Even them out until you have a lot more strengths than your competitors and less weaknesses than them.

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